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30 Day WholeHearted Fitness Experience

10 Days on Mindset

10 Days on Nourishment

10 Days on Movement

This experience is a cultivation of the bridging of gaps between fitness and wellness in my personal and coaching experiences. 

This experience is for you if:

- You are ready for a conversation around fitness in a way that considers the whole of you; mind, body, & spirit 

- You have tried so many different approaches to fitness & it just hasn't stuck 

- You feel the need & desire for better health in your life but you are turned off by dieting & extreme exercise protocols ⁠

- You are ready to draw a connection between your fitness and your hearts deeper desires and needs

The aim of this experience is to help you build a foundation of lasting mindset, nourishment, and movement habits in your life over 30 days by addressing your relationship with yourself in all three of these areas. 

Allow your fitness to be a tool to being a more WholeHearted version of yourself. To draw you closer to your authentic self.

What's included?

- Access to the WholeHearted Fitness Coaching App

- 3 Movement & Nourishment Habits to Practice

- Daily Journal Prompts

- 3 Guided Meditations

- At Home BodyWeight Workout Routine

- 1 on 1 Goals Zoom Session

Experience Investment is usually $222

YOU get a special discount for showing up 

and choosing to AWAKEN SELF LOVE!

For you, this experience investment is only $55.50

If you want more info, schedule a consultation call with me using the buttons on the top and bottom of this page.

**If you're ready now, secure your spot & hit the "I'm in" button here --->

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