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Leading with whole heart 

WholeHearted Wellness, founded by Ariela McKenzie, is a transformative practice that guides individuals toward wholehearted living. By creating spaces for learning, exercise, play, release, connection, and healing, WholeHearted Wellness empowers individuals to explore the interconnectedness of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. Through workshops, retreats, personalized coaching, assisted stretching, and yoga sessions, WholeHearted Wellness provides the tools and community needed to cultivate balance. 


Coach Arie

Meet Your Coach

Coach Arie has a degree in exercise science, is a registered yoga teacher, heart work workshop facilitator, personal trainer, and nutrition coach among other titles. She is dedicated to empowering individuals to feel good in their body, mind, and spirit. Through personalized coaching, assisted stretching, and yoga sessions she will guide you on your journey toward wholeness and fulfillment. Transform your well-being and realize your goals. Take the first step today and start creating a life of your dreams! 

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Image by Muneeb Syed

Stretching & Coaching  Overview


Stretching Sessions are for you to have assistance working on your mobility and flexibility while unwinding and relaxing for 60 minutes. Single session and package options are available.  

Wholehearted Wellness Coaching Community

Dive into our Wellness Coaching Community for personalized quarterly programs, weekly prompts, nutrition tips, bi-monthly Zoom sessions, and an engaging community chat for support and meetups.

Maryam B. Age 25 | Coaching Client

"Coach Arie's fitness journey inspired me to seek her guidance for my own health. Her program is consistent yet flexible, especially in challenging times. With her, I developed sustainable habits, learned body patience, lost fat, and gained lean muscle without "getting bulky". Highly recommend Coach Arie for anyone wanting to achieve and maintain their health goals."
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